FT Auto Adjust PT23 Table Base

  • Perfect solution to uneven floors and wobbly tables
  • Automatically adjusts to any surface within seconds
  • Remains stable on any terrain
  • Allows you to align multiple tables perfectly
  • High-quality top plate
  • Support bar included, use of bar is optional
  • Holds 24″ x 40″ to 36″ x 55″ rectangular table tops
  • Made of durable, decorative cast iron
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Capable of adapting to a wide variety of surface imperfections, this FLAT Tech CT4205 22 5/8″ x 6 1/2″ black auto adjustable cast iron standard height table base brings unmatched leveling abilities to your dining room, deck, or patio. With patented hydraulic technology including a specialized actuator device and undercarriage, this system allows you to simply set the table in place and walk away. Instead of requiring staff to spend several minutes manually adjusting individual feet, this base will level itself in just seconds. In addition, it will automatically adjust to changes in the floor when moved, ensuring each table is stable no matter where you place it in your dining area.

When lining up tables to seat a large group of guests, traditional tables almost always leave an uneven ridge where they meet. However, with FLAT technology, every table is level and can be aligned perfectly to eliminate uneven dining surfaces.

This base features a decorative cast iron base and tapered post for an elegant look that will complement any fine dining restaurant. With its high-quality top plate and strong structural tension rod, this base is designed to secure table tops and provide outstanding support. Its design allows it to hold 24″ x 40″ to 36″ x 55″ rectangular table tops that have a maximum weight of 44 lb. To ensure that the FLAT technology continues to work efficiently, it is best not to exceed this table top size recommendation.


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