SMART Induction Warmer 230-Volt

The Smart Induction Warmer 230V is the most versatile induction warmer ever introduced.  It’s so SMART!

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The SMART Induction Warmer is the most economical warmer on the market today.  This is the 230-volt model, but it is also available in a 110-volt model (1AIW110V2).  It requires 69% less energy than our closest competitor.  The warmer can be flush mounted into a countertop or used with our Domino induction platforms (models 1AIWDOMMSQ & 1AIWDOMREC).  This combination only requires 200 watts/ 0.87 amps per chafer.  This will allow you to run up to 17 warmers on a single 15 amp circuit.  Unit is a single phase, 50/60 Hz.

When converting from canned fuel to induction the largest expense is rewiring, not purchasing of the heaters.  The building has to be rewired to accommodate the power required for most inductions.  Our system eliminates the need to rewire 19 out of 20 times.  By eliminating the costs associated with canned fuel, it will pay for all the new banquet equipment within 9 months in most cases.

Going green made easy:  When our induction warming system is combined with our chafers and urns, you only need 0.87 amps of power per chafer, soup or coffee urn.  This makes our system the greenest in the world for heating your buffet and enables you to run as many as seventeen induction warmers on a single 15 amp circuit.  Having such a low power requirement will allow you to easily set up buffets in meeting rooms, or on the fly without fear of tripping breakers.

Induction for Dummies:  Your staff turns it on and walks away.

  • Adjustable automatic shut off controller
  • Auto temperature control between 170℉ – 180℉
  • Auto timer for 1-9 hours (preset at 6 hours)
  • No fire hazards
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Safe and secure
  • Heats chafers, not the room


At 200 watts, the induction is most compatible with our chafers.  It can be used with models 1A15300, 1A15301, 1A15302, 1A15303, 1A15600, 1A15601, 1A15700, 1A15701, 1A15702, 1A15703, 1A15704, 1A15705, 1A15706 & 1A15707.  It is also compatible with most of our competitors chafers, BUT efficiency is greatly reduced.  Competitors chafers may require as much as 600 watts/ 2.61 amps.

Induction conversion kits are available for our roll top chafers.


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