SMART W Soup Urn

The SMART W Soup Urn w/ Glass Lid has a capacity of 10.6 qt/10.0 ltr.  Removable base (1A11264) sold separately.  BASE NOT INCLUDED

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 The SMART W Soup Urn w/ Glass Lid is induction ready.  It’s clad bottom allows for even distribution of heat & that means less soup is wasted due to scorching or drying out.  The urn can be used with the removable base or flush mounted.  It can be used with our induction or electric heat options.  The self-closing lid helps to keep soup warm.  The water control system recycles the water from the lid’s condensation back to the water pan.  This equals less refilling of the water pan, reducing your labor costs.  You can remove the lid with one hand for easy cleaning.  The soup urn is 100% repairable & replacement parts are available, making this a quality investment that will last for years to come.  It has a capacity of 10.6 qt/10.0 ltr.  Each unit has additional options available, which includes a removable base, electric heater, induction warmer.  Removable base (1A11264) sold separately. BASE NOT INCLUDED


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