OMAS Volano SE9 37E

Omas’ most advanced technological research has permitted us to apply a microprocessor-based control system technology on slicers to manage all the different automatic cycles with which the machines are delivered, making them absolutely modern and innovative.

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  • Professional flywheel meat slicer, usable in automatic or semi-automatic mode
  • Innovative design and oven-painted
  • Full flywheel
  • Advance microprocessor-based technology
  • Automatic monitoring of all slicer parts
  • Meat tables automatically move away for the blade during the return stroke
  • Very high cutting precision
  • Stainless steel retractable flywheel knob
  • Parts in contact with the product to be cut built of stainless steel
  • Control panel with high moisture protection

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Dimensions 99 × 79 in


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