Professional tenderizer made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Power AC motor, completely airtight and equipped with a forced airflow cooling system. Oil bath gear reducer.

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When you insert a medium-quality slice of meat in the tenderizing unit, thousand of tenderizing blades go into depth cutting the muscle fibers and the sinews off.

The result is remarkable because the long fibers break giving bigger compactness to the meat. If the meat is very though or little fit to be eaten as a steak, the operation can be repeated very often turning 90° the direction of introduction.

So you will have a really tender slice of meat; it will cook in half the time and it will be perfectly tender and chewable.

When you insert some small pieces of meat, even if they are of various qualities, in the cutting unit provided with the proper combs (opt 20), there is a compression that sews the different fibers of the meat and gives them compactness.

Blending and binding together the pieces of meat in the cutting unit and adding each time some vegetables, cheese, herbs or other to the meat, you can have some original and tasty main courses.

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Dimensions 33 × 27 × 28 in


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