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Séura is committed to building on and expanding on the technology that is available and affordable all while moving forward with technology. To move to LED Tubes we feel is a step backward when considering the factors below.


Reasons Séura chose LED Tape versus LED tubes:


  1. Dark corners.  The challenge with Tubes (fluorescent or led) has always been the last 1-1.5” are dark and create dimmer corners in 99% of all fixtures that are tubes (Lamp holder and the last 3/4” of the tube) whereas strips are flexible, somewhat pliable and with small adjustments in housing construction (that does not impact cost) we can build a back lit mirror with better and more even lighting than ever before possible with tubes.  As you know, tubes do not bend well.
  2. Restricted sizes (tubes come in specific lengths and restrict sizes of the fixtures).
  3. Shorter LED life (Sealed tubes trap heat which shortens expected life of LED’s)
  4. Unproven: Light  output (LED strips inside any tube size) comparable to Séura’s Brilliant LED’s is very difficult to achieve. Our industry has always fought light output = to Fluorescent while using LED’s.  Séura’s Brilliant LED Technology achieves that at significantly lower costs.
  5. LED tubes can create shadows.
  6. Potential variation in light color (tubes from different manufacturers, lots etc).
  7. Potentially more expensive design due to fluorescent fittings and tubes which are not necessary for Seura design.
  8. Potential liability issues with UL Non-Compliance if used in fixtures intended for fluorescent tubes.
    1. The potential of retrofitting to LED’s at a later date create UL Issues.  Séura is currently in the process of retrofitting a very large project.  All fixtures are being retrofitted and tested at our manufacturing facility in order to comply with UL Standards.  The only other option would be to pay UL to inspect fixtures in the field as they are retrofitted (very expensive).
  9. Strips have been in the marketplace for many years and are proven to perform for extended periods of time.
  10. I do understand the desire from a manufacturing standpoint.  No Custom sizes, no changes in sizes, no need to alter brand standards as it relates to sizing.  If all we wanted to do was build a mirror that performed the same as Fluorescent, tubes would have been an option for Séura.  Our objective was to build a better performing product for lower costs.


In early 2014 Séura explored LED Tubes as a solution to bringing LED Technology to their customers, however cost of the tubes, difficulty in retrofitting (while maintaining UL Approval), along with not being able to build a better product led us to the Brilliant LED technology we have today.


The net net of the above has led Séura to build a better mirror, not the same mirror that uses less energy.  All the while reduce costs and build a better bread box so to speak.

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