Introducing the TOUCHLESS FAUCET


Smart Buffet Ware is introducing a new touchless faucet that can be used on ALL Smart Buffet Ware coffee, juice, and milk dispensers.

If you are lucky enough to already have Smart Buffet Ware coffee, juice, or milk dispensers…

We’ve got you covered with an inexpensive solution!

NEW T-Collection Juice Dispenser coming soon!

If you do not already have a Smart Buffet Ware beverage dispenser, don’t fret! We have many coffee, juice, and milk options to choose from with a touchless faucet option.

All Smart Buffet Ware Beverage Dispensers below can be purchased with the NEW touchless faucet

Domino Milk

Odin Coffee

Domino Juice

Smart Juice

Smart Milk

Euri Juice

HI-Line Juice

Hi-Line Milk

Let us know how we can make life better the SMART way.

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