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Personal Protection Equipment and Devices for Medical, Retail and Public Service Personnel

Lion’s Wood is proud to present a new way to dispense coffee, tea, and other beverages in the hospitality field. Keep your staff and clientele healthy and safe with this sturdy adapter piece that easily fits over any coffee urn or iced tea and beverage dispenser! No need to replace all equipment in your establishment. Instead add this adapter to your existing dispensers and eliminate contamination hazards for employees and guests.

Made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe, this high quality adapter comes at a price point beneficial to our industry.

Forearm Door Pull

Foot Door Pull

Mobile Bar Divider

Mobile Bar Divider

Booth Extensions

Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture

Mobile E-Buffet Service System

We at DMG are getting requests for an alternative to the most common of foodservice processes, from an enclosed cart to deliver entrees to the table (instead of a server’s capable hands delivering the food), to how to keep customers safely “apart” from other guests in a hotel lobby.

I wanted to share some of the products that Lion’s Wood has been involved in over the last 6-7 weeks. My goal is to give you some thought to what you may need for your foodservice/hospitality related processes in the near future. Lion’s Wood has been developing the following items, because of requests from operators like yourself.

  • E Buffet carts. Per the attachment, you’ll see that we are zeroing in on a personalized service concept. All these carts can be customized to the customer’s operational needs and aesthetics., whether it be hot or cold applications and much more.
  •  Mobile bar divider. Designed to keep seated bar customers separated from others.
  •  Booth extensions. An additional step to protect one table from another.
  • Full line of PPE. Face shield and protection barriers of various shapes and sizes. 
  • Door pulls, for either a forearm or a foot.
  • Sanitizing stations To hold the sanitizer dispensers. Keep in mind we can build something more aesthetically pleasing for more formal environments.

If there is something here that you want to discuss further, I am available any time. Also know that the secret of Lion’s Wood is that we can create anything you need for your operation. We are open for business and look forward to working with you soon.

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