Keep drinks cold at your next gathering

Keep it modern with our 15.5” round brushed stainless double wall SoHo beverage tub, 530 oz (pictured top left)

Or step it up a notch with the 14.5” round mirrored stainless fluted beverage tub, 350 oz (pictured top right)

stainless steel beverage tubs & buffet bowls

Our top quality stainless steel now in larger sizes and capacities for buffets. 

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14.5″ Round Mirrored Stainless Fluted Beverage Tub – 350oz – Silver
14.5 dia x 7
Pack 1

Comfortably fits 5-7 bottles.

15.5″ Round Brushed Stainless Double Wall Soho® Beverage Tub – 530oz – Silver
15.5 dia x 9
Pack 1

Comfortably fits 7-9 bottles.

7.25″ Round Mirrored Stainless Fluted Wine/Champagne Cooler – 160oz – Silver
7.25 dia x 7.5
Pack 1

14.5″ Round Deep Brushed Stainless Soho® Bowl – 350oz – Silver
14.5 dia x 4.5
Pack 1

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