table bases

NOROCK provides an unrivaled solution to table instability.

A self-stabilising table base, designed to perfection.

NOROCK bases use a simple mechanical system with four pivoting legs that are interconnected in such a way that they must reach an average weight loading on all four feet.  When a table is placed on an uneven surface the feet will move until all four feet reach a state of equilibrium or more simply, a state of stability.


The Lunar presents the self-stabilising technology within a well designed and unique disc shaped base. Perfect for minimal and clean space.

The NOROCK ‘Trail’ table base exemplifies modern simplicity. The linear, clean design and concealed componentry complements a robust construction for use in any setting. Custom colours available.

The NOROCK ‘Avenue’ table base balances classic, architectural linework with a contemporary pragmatism. Exhibiting a sensory weightlessness, the high quality, die-cast aluminium base sees the ‘Avenue’ as a perfect accompaniment for any setting. Custom colours available.

Interweaving features from the ‘Avenue’ and ‘Esplanade’, the No Rock ‘Terrace’ table base is designed for limited storage capacities. Functional and award-winning, the ‘Terrace’ hallmark is its iconic nesting feature. Simply fold, then nest. Custom colours available.

The NOROCK ‘Parkway’ table base captures an industrial rawness. Angular and architectural, the exposed componentry and minimalist design illustrates the elements – crafted, zinc-plated steel, exposed fasteners and a dichotomous simplicity. Custom colours available.

The NOROCK team has been mastering stabilising technology for over 25 years.

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