NEW Drinkwise from FOH in-stock & ready to ship

Drinkwise by FOH

• Perfect for salad dressings, juices,

   cereals, wine and cocktail service

• Snap lids keep contents fresh & sanitary

• Fast/slow pourers help regulate the

   speed of liquids

• Secure & leak-free

• 3 sizes fit our existing Drinkwise® carafes

• Dishwasher safe


Drinkwiseby FOH® is a revolutionary, NEW generation of barware. There is NOTHING ELSE like it in the market!

FREE OF BPA (bisphenol-A) found in polycarbonate items, Drinkwise is TOTALLY SAFE! It’s also chemical and heat resistant up to 248° F, so there is NO RISK of leaching or toxicity, ever!

After years of R & D, FOH® has mastered the Drinkwiserecipe to bring you stylish designs that withstand INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL WASHINGS and maintain their glass-like clarity and brilliance. Drinkwiseis lightweight, shatter-proof, crack and craze resistant and re-useable.

Drinkwiseby FOH®…a SAFE, stylish alternative that is industrial strength and built to last!

Contact your DMG Florida rep today at 800-257.7050 or info@dmgflorida for more information.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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