Holsag is pleased to announce the launch of our newest model to the Holsag line. Click on the name below the photo to open a pdf specification sheet on each model. Please contact us if you have questions or for further information.


Description: This corresponding duo sport a curved window pane decorative back, built for both comfort and style. Its durability and strength is unquestionable with added thickness to every rail, and the padded seat provides further relaxation and versatility. The back is raised from the seat for easy cleaning, adding to the many features this line provides.

Standard Barstool Kick plates are brass. Chrome or black kick plates are available upon request at the same price.

Fabric for upholstered seats: COM (Customer’s Own Material) fabric required: .35 yards (.33 m) per chair / barstool Note: Fabric amount is estimated on 54” (137 cm) wide material. The actual amount required may vary depending on special pattern matching and the width of the material.

Cushion Foam: 2.5lb density Polyurethane foam on the seat.

Wood: Species: 100% Solid European Beech Hardwood

Construction: Joints: Mortise and tenon. Glued with high solids glue and reinforced with 18 gauge nails, corner blocks and low root woodscrews.

Stain Colours: A wide range of standard stain colours is available as well as custom colour matching. (A surcharge will apply to custom colours.)

9-Step Finishing Process:

  1. The bare wood of the assembled product is thoroughly sanded using 100 grit paper.
  2. One coat of stain is sprayed onto the entire product– including the underside of the seat.
  3. The stain is hand wiped to ensure an even colour and maximum penetration into the wood.
  4. The product is inspected and any necessary adjustments made.
  5. One coat of a catalyzed sealer is sprayed onto all wood parts to completely seal the wood including the underside of the seat.
  6. Once dry, the sealer is sanded using 280 grit paper.
  7. A final sanding is done using Scotch Brite pads to remove any sanding marks.
  8. A catalyzed lacquer is sprayed on. This lacquer is very durable and will stand up in a commercial environment.
  9. A final inspection is performed prior to packaging to ensure a high level of quality control.
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