The hits in the Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture booth at NRA 2015 were the Torus Suite, the Under-Mount Induction Classic Serving Cart, Classic Bar, and the Evolution Banquet Presentation System.

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At Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture, our commitment to making it easy for you to do your job and look good while doing it results in an array of useful and innovative furniture and equipment. We enjoyed talking with all of you who stopped by, and look forward to meeting you all again next year.


Download our NRA 2015 Handout here

We have UPDATED our 2015 Catalog

Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture Full Catalog 2015

Nobody understands the ART of Banquet Presentation like Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture.We are industry leaders in providing linen-free banquet presentation furniture systems and furniture suites.  Buffet tables, portable bars, podiums, induction tables and more.

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