Smart Buffet Ware’s new Induction tables change everything when it comes to hidden induction.  In most cases we reduce the required power by 70% over other products.  The net result is our competitor can use only one table of 3 heaters on a 20 amp circuit.  We can run 4 tables with a total of 10 heaters on a 20 amp circuit.  This will allow your property to use the table for what it was designed to do.  Create a buffet on the fly without fear the system will shut down the power in the room.  The Magnetic feature to this table is a game changer with creating a safe way to transport the chafers throughout your property.

Also the new stackable carving station is like nothing in the world.  Four carving stations only take the space of one in storage.  Everything that touches the food can be run in the dish washer.  All electric components can be removed without tools.  The carving station will store all the grease and store it under the carving set.

Don’t forget our tried and true products as well.  The Smart series chafing dish line has won numerous awards for appearance, design & functionality.  This series is designed to preserve your food quality and reduce your labor costs. The Clad Bottom eliminates hot spots and prevents dried out or burned food.  The Water Recycling replenishes the water supply from the condensation.  A self-closing lid keeps food warm, fresh & sanitary while preventing the lid from slamming.  The removable Base/Lid disassembles quickly for easy cleaning.  The unit adapts easily to induction heat for safety with no flame and precise temperature.  It  can be electric ready, utilizing our magnetically attached 300 watt heater or canned fuel ready, with traditional canned fuel.

Our Ibis Round and Oblong Chafers can also be stacked in the Ibis Trolley which holds a maximum of 10 chafers.  Please view the video to see the trolley system.

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