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Séura, the industry leader in elegant designer mirrors and technology, introduces Brilliant LED technology for lighted mirrors. Séura is unmatched in achieving sustainable and elegant lighting solutions for the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets with brighter LEDs at a budget-friendly price.

The warm glow of fluorescent lighting has long been the preferred option of designers and hoteliers. Séura’s luminous Brilliant LEDs rival fluorescent in brightness. Add affordability and energy efficiency, Brilliant LEDs exceed design and performance expectations. Customers no longer need to compromise by sacrificing efficiency for brightness and cost.

Long-term costs are minimized by reduced maintenance and replacement with Séura Brilliant LEDs that last more than five times longer than most fluorescent bulbs. Energy costs for lighted mirrors will be reduced by more than 40% as Brilliant LEDs use less electricity than fluorescent bulbs.

Designers have struggled with fluorescent bulbs in lighted mirrors for years. Fluorescent bulbs come in standard sizes that may not fit from corner to corner of the mirror, leaving dark spots and an uneven light. Fortunately, Séura’s Brilliant LEDs are flexible and adaptable for custom lighted mirror shapes and sizes without surrendering the perfect light distribution and luminous glow. Hoteliers and property owners no longer have to choose between elegance and function. Now they can have both with Séura Brilliant LEDs!

“Séura is driven to push the envelope when it comes to design and technology. The development of Brilliant LED technology is a key example of advanced innovation that offers both brightness and design flexibility in a sustainable and affordable way,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, Séura CEO and co-founder.

Séura Brilliant LEDs are not only bright and sustainable, but are mercury-free and environmentally safe.

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