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Since 1913 – Celebrating 100 Years of Fine Craftmanship

Enhancing the Food and Beverage experience with quality presentation furnishings for our hotel, club, casino, and resort customers.

As a food service professional, you have a vision. It is Lion’s Wood’s job to help you realize that vision and make your operations effortless. We offer banquet furniture in a range of styles, finishes, and options, with accessories that will appeal to your creativity and facilitate your banquet operations, as well as complement your décor. Our furniture is designed to be part of the presentation itself. This is not just an aesthetic advantage, but it saves thousands of dollars in linen costs and labor annually.

[blockquote animation=”fadeInLeft” author=”” ]Our furniture is designed to provide mobility, flexibility, durability, and value. By choosing Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture, you will provide a positive experience for your guests and your staff for years to come.[/blockquote]

As a division of a 4th generation family-owned business, founded in 1913, many of the companies we work with are also family-owned small businesses. To provide our customers with only the best, the material suppliers we choose to work with all have proven track records of providing quality goods.

Please call us at 800-257-7050 to schedule your appointment and learn all about how Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture can provide you with products that expand you options for presentation and storage between events.


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