We have great new items in the warehouse from Front of the House.

These new items from the Platewise® and Drinkwise® collection are ready to ship today!

Platewise® is made from bamboo, stands up to rigorous commercial washings & decomposes in landfills.
The perfect combination of style, function, durability and affordability!

Root® is comprised for a species of Fir trees.  Each board has its’ own personality, shape, texture and grain.  The new Buffet Board is extra large to accommodate larger party sizes and is perfect on any buffet . The new 12″ round board compliments the boards with a new shape and smaller footprint.

Front of the House - Platewise biodegradable bamboo plates.

Front of the House - Platewise biodegradable bamboo serving planks.Drinkwise®  is a revolutionary generation of barware. Free of BPA (Bisphenol A) found in polycarbonates, it’s totally safe! Nothing else like it in the commercial market.  These NEW items are perfect for a salad bar!Front of the House - Drinkwise - Salad Bar

Front of the House - Drinkwise.Front of the House also helps you create a stunning buffet display in just 5 easy steps with Buffet Building Blocks.  These news Zig Zag TALL riser is available and ready to ship!

Front of the House Buffet - Tall Zig Zag Riser

Contact Downing Management today to see these great new items in person, schedule a demo or place an order!

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