Downing Marketing Group is pleased to highlight a new website feature from one of our manufacturers, Bertolini Hospitality & Design.

It’s now easier to find out exactly what kind of fabric is available for BertoliniHD world-class quality banquet chairs.

The Fabric Studio gives clients, designers, and agents the opportunity to explore a great selection of many of the fabrics Bertolini Hospitality and Design offers. If they come across a swatch that they are impressed with and need a sample they simple click on the Swatch Request Studio to browse swatches by pattern, grade or supplier.Once the client, designer or agent find the swatches that fit their design needs, they simply add it to their “Swatch Request List,” fill in their information, and Bertolini Hospitality and Design’s fulfillment department will send the swatch samples by mail. Digital fabric cards are also available if that is a preference. You can try here for the best website design choices.

Bertolini Hospitality and Design’s Fabric Swatch Studio currently offers 2,444 fabric swatches that are classified by 16 color family groups, 231 fabric patterns that are classified by 5 different styles, and produced by 7 well known vendors. The selection is all searchable, viewable and all requestable. This is only the beginning, the options will continue to increase.

“The Bertolini HD Team is counting on this exciting new tool for designers, purchasing agents, and management groups to better serve their purchasing needs in the near future,” says Jeff Sladick, Bertolini’s Hospitality Sales Director.

Give Downing Marketing a call today to tour the items in the warehouse or learn more details about the products.

BertoliniHD announces new online Fabric Studio.

BertoliniHD announces new online Fabric Studio.

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