One of the coolest items in the Downing Marketing Group warehouse, the one wine glass that will hold an entire bottle of wine.

You read that right.  One bottle of wine holds 25 ounces.  This one wine glass will hold 29.3 ounces.

And not only that, but it will make your wine taste better.  It’s all science folks!

The wine glass that will hold an entire bottle of wine.

Eisch Giant Wine glass with Sensis Plus – get yours now from Downing Marketing Group.

The Eisch Giant Wine Glass with Sensis Plus is a big seller and is used by some of the finest restaurants around the country.

This glass can do something others cannot.  It actually opens the wine inside the glass, rather than having to decant and wait hours for the wine to open.

Sensis Plus glasses are made of high-quality, lead-free crystal. After the manufacturing process, the glasses undergo an additional Sensis Plus treatment, which gives them their specific properties.

Sensis Plus glasses offer a completely new experience in the enjoyment of wine. wine poured in Sensis Plus glasses becomes more harmonious and complex, with better balance and greater elegance. Through a completely natural process, the original character and structure of the wine are preserved, while its aromas and flavors become more expressive and generous. Sensis Plus glasses also improve the enjoyment of spirits, fruit juices, sparkling water and other beverages.

The Sensis Plus glass does not lose its effectiveness – ever! And it has no special cleaning requirements. Wash it as you would do with other quality crystal glasses. Sensis Plus glasses are dishwasher safe.

Elevate the dining experience for your guests with the Eisch Giant Wine Glass with Sensis Plus.  Call Downing Marketing Group now to find out how to add these to your restaurant or hotel;  800-257-7050.

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